Easily Generate dynamic Digital Elevation Models and georeference them in real-time to your world imagery.

DEM Earth automatically downloads the data it needs to build the model you want. All you have to do is provide a Geographic coordinate.

Produce real-time interactive and dynamic landscapes which you can pan, zoom and animate and place anything on, in any way you want.


3 new effectors for MoGraph

Easily Transfer MoGraph particles from one surface to another..

Automatically scale MoGraph particles so that they do not overlap.

In the above example,the scale of each MoGraph particle is driven by the Fit Effector, so that they can never overlap, and the color of the each object is then mapped to the scale difference.Heavily rescaled objects appear white, and unscaled objects are then blue.

Modify selection and vertex map tags directly by falloff.Using this powerful new plugin Effector for Mograph, it has never been easier or faster to work with selections in mograph…


Topology Vertex Maps is a plugin for CINEMA 4D, which generates various types of vertex maps in realtime.

The following modes are currently implemented using all your processor cores to generate custom vertex maps which can be adjusted in realtime.

Mesh Area Density – the relative surface density of your polygon structure(s)

Mesh Angle – describes the relative surface angles of your polygon structure(s)

Ambient Occlusion – shows the Ambient Occlusion of your polygon structure(s)

Volume Depth – a map of the sub surface volume of your polygon structure(s)

Shadow – a unique shadow from one or more light sources onto your polygon structure(s)

Deformed Delta – describes the linear distance between the deformed and undeformed state

Deformed Tensor – describes the surface area density delta between the deformed and undeformed state


A new generator for CINEMA 4D, which produces solid, virtual and procedural outlines, from an image, movie or shader.

This generator offers a significant improvement over the built in C4D vectorizer, producing professional results to rival those produced in major standalone packages.

Vectorizing directly in C4D with a procedural object, where the parameters can be modified, animated and controlled in realtime. You can even quickly link the resulting segments up to MoGraph or dynamics and animate the individual elements.


The VoxyGen Generator – A solid, reliable, production proven realtime voxelizer, that is already being used worldwide, in countless commercial productions.

Extremely fast and easy to use: This procedural voxel generator has been written written in c++ and compiled for maximum performance and stability on your 64bit OS.

As a generator, Voxygen works great in combination with Mograph effectors or standard modifiers, for some really cool effects.

Voxygen is a lot more than just that just old school, pixelized cubes—it transfers your UV coordinates onto voxels for super easy texturing, produces hundreds of thousands or even millions of voxels and is easily the fastest voxelizer on any platform. Stunning Voxels, as particles that can keep up the pace when you crank things up.



Wireshader Pro+ is a C4D plugin shader which gives you the ability to procedurally render object edges and points through a shader.

This has many advantages over a simple bitmap. Written in c++, this shader is very fast, flexible and very easy to use.

It works with Advanced Render, Physical and of course Vray. This New version has lots of settings for different edge styles, which you can then drive with other shaders, for some really cool and original edge and point effects.

It renders real edges which you can hide with an edge selection, as well as artificial edges and points, including SPD edges.


3 Advanced Procedural Shaders and an interactive UV editing Tool, for Cinema4D.

Ninja – Color – (AKA instance colorizer) Is an advanced C4D channel shader gives you the ability to modify the coloring properties of instances, clones and particles, turning a single material into thousand or millions of different materials. For example the leaves of a tree can all be made to look slightly different, although they are based on just one material. This can add a new level of realism to your renderings, by making all instances of a given material render slightly differently, on every object they are used on. Hue,saturation, contrast and saturation and more, can be used to apply subtle changes that break up the monotone nature of shaders and textures.

Karate – Tiles – this advanced tiling shader can be used for walling flooring and a lot more.Bricking and grouting settings and full texture folder imports allow you to create realistic surfaces by spinning, flipping and modifying in bricked uv space. This channel shader can be used to avoid the repetitive nature of textures and tiles. Making an otherwise monotone texture built from tiled textures appear more natural.

Henkan – UV Transformer –An advance uv transformation shader for cutting out,distorting and correcting image segments.

+ Pikka – UV Transformer Tool – An interactive uv mapping tool for use with the Henkan shader.



A volumetric post effect plugin for rendering splines, polygon edges, points, particles, spheres and nulls as solid volumetric light.