Steel Autodrafter

...Steel Autodrafter


The Steel Autodrafter is an innovative tool that automates the production of 2D working plans and elevations of steel buildings.

The primary input is a 2D or 3D frame analysed in STAAD Pro. The Steel Autodrafter takes in all the information from the frame and allows the engineer to create detailed 2D drawings. All the user needs to do is to select the grid along the X, Y or Z directions to generate a drawing.

The software also identifies trusses and portals and generates 2D drawing from a wire frame model.


  • Converts wire frame model into 2D drawings
  • Auto correction of joints
  • Identifies beams as per their connection type
  • Intersecting members are identified
  • Base plate inserted at junction of steel and RCC
  • Define and draw grid system
  • Multiple presentation styles and drawing style control