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Planwin is a structural planning and modelling software that takes the engineer from a centerline in CAD to a complete analysis model. The model is complete with all member and material properties, loading data, member orientation and offset data, etc.

Planwin guides the user through the structural planning process. Allowing the user to plan the location of columns, walls and beams on the centerline. Static analysis is carried out for each floor plate and the entire 3D structure giving the user a sound understanding of the behavior prior to 3D dynamic analysis.

Planwin eases the generation of accurate analysis models by means of smart tools that help accurately locate and orient members. Application of lateral loads is simplified by using parametric load generation techniques.


  • Plan structural schemes
  • Define member location & orientations
  • Right size members prior to analysis
  • Visualise load transfer
  • Define and apply lateral loads parametrically
  • Auto-generate accurate analysis model